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Since many of you are contributing to our Haiti Church Fund, I thought I might pass along some information I ran across regarding some of their living conditions.  This information is provided by Haiti Bible Mission.

Haiti consists of a low income, peasant based economy. The people are mostly of African descent with the average Haitian making about $2.25 per day. Voodoo is widely practiced throughout the country.  The disparity between rich and poor is dramatic, with one percent of the population making forty-five percent of the total income. In addition, the Haitian government is plagued with corruption and mismanagement. The country also suffers from a very poor infrastructure of roads, communications and electrical power. All these factors have virtually eliminated foreign investment and tourism in Haiti.

Haiti is a densely populated island with an average of 989 people per square mile. Most of the Haitian people live in rural villages, consisting of gravel roads and footpaths surrounding a collection of single room homes.  A lack of clean water and sanitary sewers in both rural and urban areas causes many to die each year from disease.  A Haitian’s average life expectancy is only fifty years.

Because of the widespread poverty, many cannot afford to send their children to primary school. Only 73% will complete the six years of primary school and will do it in an average of sixteen years.  Only 15% of the children will complete secondary school. The adult literacy rate is only 60%.

The picture above was taken after Hurricane Matthew devastated the city of Jeremie in October 2016.