A wonderful Device

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my family has had to say good-bye recently to some very special people.  As anyone who has had to part with a loved one, I’ve continued to think about them and remember special times with them.  Nostalgia is especially strong as I consider the two dear men I miss.

I’ve had these thoughts:

I wish I could hear Dad’s voice again.  Not just one more time, but often.

I wish I could hear more stories about my dad, not just by waiting to visit with my aunts, but on demand.

I wish I could spend time in Dad’s presence, to just feel him near.

All of these are quite normal responses to missing my Dad.  As I’ve felt these emotions and desires, it occurred to me, shouldn’t I miss my savior in much the same way?  Shouldn’t my heart and mind yearn for Christ?  My dad was a great guy, a very good man, but he didn’t save my eternal soul.  He walked with me in the faith, but he didn’t put that faith into me, he didn’t claim me from the foundations of eternity.  Jesus did those things. So, what if …

I wish I could hear Jesus voice.  Not just once, but often.  Thankfully, I can.  I can sit and read Jesus words in my red-lettered Bible, and I can hear in my head Jesus talking to his first disciples, and all disciples, including myself.

I wish I could hear stories about Jesus, on demand.  Thankfully, I can.  I can sit and read about Jesus miracles, and his prayers, and his teaching; I can read about Jesus’ activities from the beginning of time to his ascension.

I wish I could be in God’s presence, to just feel Him near.  Thankfully, I can.  By reading the scriptures, by spending time in prayer, I can be in His presence.  Because of the work Christ has done, I can walk boldly into the throne room of God, and in my prayers and meditation on His Word, I can enjoy the nearness of my God and my Savior.

If I had a device that would allow me to hear my dad, to hear stories of him, and to help me feel his presence, I would use it, and often.  I have a ‘device’ that allows me to hear my Savior, to hear stories about Him, and allows me to be ushered into His presence, and it is called a Bible.  Because of its power, I do use it often, and I am able to enjoy my Lord all the better by using it.

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