Base Camp

The Summit Church offers a new member’s class called Base Camp for all those interested in joining our fellowship.  The church holds Base Camp several times throughout the year.  Attendance in this class is a prerequisite for church membership.

Base Camp allows prospective members the opportunity to learn about the core values that direct The Summit in ministry, church ordinances, church government, and relational evangelism.  At the conclusion of each Base Camp class, those interested in becoming a formal member may fill out a membership request card.  Attending the class in no way obligates a person to become a member of The Summit.

After a meeting with the elders, individuals may be accepted into the membership of The Summit Church by:

  • Profession of faith
  • Baptism (if he/she has not already received a scriptural baptism by immersion)
  • Letter from another Baptist church
  • By statement

Sunday mornings, following each Base Camp, all new members will be presented to the church during the worship service.  If you would like to become a member, or would just like more information about The Summit Church, call the church office at 417-753-5000.

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