Since many of you are contributing to our Haiti Church Fund, I thought I might pass along some information I ran across regarding some of their living conditions.  This information is provided by Haiti Bible Mission.

Haiti consists of a low income, peasant based economy. The people are mostly of African descent with the average Haitian making about $2.25 per day. Voodoo is widely practiced throughout the country.  The disparity between rich and poor is dramatic, with one percent of the population making forty-five percent of the total income. In addition, the Haitian government is plagued with corruption and mismanagement. The country also suffers from a very poor infrastructure of roads, communications and electrical power. All these factors have virtually eliminated foreign investment and tourism in Haiti.

Haiti is a densely populated island with an average of 989 people per square mile. Most of the Haitian people live in rural villages, consisting of gravel roads and footpaths surrounding a collection of single room homes.  A lack of clean water and sanitary sewers in both rural and urban areas causes many to die each year from disease.  A Haitian’s average life expectancy is only fifty years.

Because of the widespread poverty, many cannot afford to send their children to primary school. Only 73% will complete the six years of primary school and will do it in an average of sixteen years.  Only 15% of the children will complete secondary school. The adult literacy rate is only 60%.

The picture above was taken after Hurricane Matthew devastated the city of Jeremie in October 2016.


Have churches become complacent about baptism services?  As people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and accept him as savior, the next step is baptism so of course we still have those special services.

I would say that many members of the church body pay little attention to this valuable part of worship.  The common opinion may be that this service is only for the person being baptized.  After all, we’ve already been baptized.  This part of our Christian journey is out of the way.  It’s been checked off the list.  We come away saying, “Well, Joe was dunked this morning.  Isn’t that nice?” Continue reading Baptism

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